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Can an Agency Truly Become Part of Your In-house Team?

Working with new businesses, people, and services always brings about some level of concern; hiring a marketing agency is no exception. Will they understand our business? Our values? What we want to accomplish? These are all valid questions.

We’re here to tell you that with open communication, a hands-on approach, and coordination, marketing agencies can become an effective extension of your in-house team. Gone are the days of agencies acting as a separate body that operates independently and not entirely in sync with your business goals. Our client, Goldbeck Recruiting, is a prime example of how we act as a turnkey marketing department added to their internal team. Goldbeck Recruiting is an executive recruitment firm that specializes in making placements in an array of industries including executive management, human resources, sales, marketing, engineering, natural resources, life sciences, operations, not-for-profit and finance.

X Marks the Spot

In order to execute any undertaking, setting clear objectives is essential. For us, brand awareness and lead generation are at the top of the list. Traditionally, agencies would focus on what they could do independently to support these goals; instead, we evaluate what can be done by joining forces with the internal team. Aligning our efforts with the efforts of their sales and business development team allows us to be more strategic and effective. When producing content, whether it be written articles, videos, or social media posts, we are conscious of what is occurring on the sales side. If natural resource companies are Goldbeck’s upcoming biz-dev focus, having fresh, industry-related content serves not only an SEO purpose but also acts as a resource for the business development team to share when making contact with the target accounts. In addition, we advertise the specific content to the target companies while the business development team reaches out to them. Through coordination and communication, this strategy makes a simple article release an effective tool in increasing brand awareness and lead generation.

When you call, we’ll be there

In order for this alignment to occur, communication channels need to be open. Setting recurring meetings ensures that no action item, big or small, is left unattended to and allows all parties to have an opportunity to voice new ideas or recommendations for improvement. Impromptu phone calls are only left to go to voicemail if we’re in another meeting. Without frequent communication, curated alignment can be lost. We also understand that without transparency, communication doesn’t hold much value. For this reason, we provide monthly reports to Goldbeck giving them the opportunity to evaluate social media engagement, website and email results. As a team, we can see what’s working and what needs improvement.

Transparency extends beyond our internal communication to the Goldbeck website, where each page has been carefully crafted to demonstrate all aspects of their business. Areas of expertise pages, case studies, and team bios have all been carefully written to demonstrate value while including optimal keywords. Visitors to certain sections of the website also receive remarketing advertising to increase brand awareness. Website development is not treated as a ‘one and done’ task, but rather a continuous process where it’s content is evaluated and filtered to stay up to date. Although the website development is led by us, it does not mean the internal team is out of the loop. Rather, everyone is plugged in and is aware of the process and has the opportunity to give input.

Purposeful Collaboration

This collaboration extends to strategic partnerships as well. For Goldbeck, we release a monthly report that features 1-2 interviewees each time. The insight provided by these business leaders enriches the report and makes it a popular read among Goldbeck subscribers, leading to strong social media engagement. Including interviewees in the report also strengthens Goldbeck’s relationship with them and contributes to lead generation. Every component of the marketing strategy is crafted to maximize effectiveness, serving both brand awareness and business development.

Similarly, our next campaign is a fundraiser that will provide ample opportunity to drive brand awareness while bringing light to a great cause. This partnership also connects Goldbeck with new talent. Yet again, serving a dual purpose.

Marketing agencies that value client needs and goals over developing their own brand can become seamlessly integrated to your internal team. It takes coordination and communication to create a marketing strategy that works with business development goals, but can be done when an agency is dedicated to getting the client the best results possible.


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