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Case Study



Improving Touchpoints

Advertising  |  Photo/Videography  |  Brand Consulting

Newton’s complete range of products and services are designed to automate the entire mortgage approval, underwriting and funding process by providing instant insight into the entire business. They designed software called Velocity that acts as an intermediary between mortgage brokers and lenders such as banks and secondary lenders, and is a complete CRM and deal application system. 


Newton already had a significant number of prominent Canadian mortgage brokers on the system; Rose Agency was brought on to assist in growing their market share and adoption rates. We created an extensive series of advertisements pushed through Facebook and Instagram display networks, Google Display Ads, Youtube video advertising and Google PPC advertising. Our in-house design and development department produced a series of graphical elements that engaged mortgage brokers throughout the varying message cycles, culminating in a series of forty testimonial videos that we published through our existing demographic sets to allow the consumers of the product tell the story and drive record adoption rates for Newton. 


Rose Agency also facilitated the development of a brand sound and sonic logo, replacing their on-hold marketing music and answering system as well as regular updates throughout the year for product messaging and enhancements. You can hear it in the video below.


As their marketing and communications resource, we worked closely with their in-house development and creative team to ensure to improve each touchpoint Newton had with their broker consumer base.


Newton wanted to put the Velocity brand front and centre – literally – by providing free computer camera covers with Velocity branding. We created a campaign to distribute them to over 4,000 brokers across Canada with a unique, creative flair. 

Our team produced a custom illustration that finds a bit of fun in the frustration of remote work and Zoom calls. We designed it to be the foundation for the free item itself and stuck each one with a bit of 'booger glue' so that recipients could easily detach it without damage. 

On the back on the postcard we designed a simple and attractive flow chart to help educate brokers on the new Client Experience enhancement to the software.

Each postcard went out in custom designed envelopes to really give Newton that premium brand experience. What do you think?


Getting Velocity's New Feature Into The Hands Of Brokers

Velocity Client Enhancement Postcard.png
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