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Digital Consulting 

Case Study



Praxis exists to lead global collaboration in spinal cord injury research, innovation and care, using Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) knowledge translation to bridge health evidence with real-world delivery. Using this brand ethos, Rose Agency has consulted on their professional donor and clinician-focused communications for several years. We are responsible for providing strategic guidance for their external communications and building their network of clinicians, researchers, and most importantly, donors.

We recently produced a comprehensive strategic plan for their communications department, guiding them in everything from website design and content creation to social media tone and style. Rose Agency became a seamless extension of their in-house marketing team, ensuring that they always have the tools they need to be as successful as possible, creating guidelines, procedures and even forms.


Whether it was for an executive team making announcements, clinicians creating whitepapers or the digital media team delivering communications, Rose Agency made sure that guidelines were put in place for stakeholders to effectively be able to consume information. For example, an SCI researcher was releasing a complicated medical document. We put guidelines in place so that it could initially be understood by anybody in the first few paragraphs of the document, such as donors and funders, but provided meaningful insights for more in-depth researchers. We have been an available resource to Praxis when they have needed help: redesigning their HTML email templates and components of their website to better present the rich, varied content that Praxis is generating.

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